Top Juniors Costumes

Le Freak: Opening Number (Saturday classes only) – 

Full PAAW uniform, hair in a HIGH ponytail with new PAAW bows (£5 buy from us), black jazz shoes, no socks or black trainer socks. Boys: PAAW vest, black shorts.


Lucy’s Class:Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 17.40.11

Bad Romance: Tap shoes, black lycra school leotard, red fringe skirt – £14 (buy from us). Hair in a HIGH ponytail, with headdress from unitard costume.

Shake Your Groove Thing: Jazz shoes, no socks. Ombré sequinned unitard (£30 child, £38 adult), hair in a HIGH ponytail with headdress. There are some students in the school who have these who may want to sell them on.
Size chart below. 




Vicky’s Class: Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 11.36.44

Sing Sing Sing: Black tap shoes, lycra school black leotard (buy here), gold or green sequin skirt – hired from us, black choker (this can be made yourself out of thin ribbon or buy here), hair in a HIGH ponytail with matching scrunchie (buy here – the green is called ‘forest green’).  

Proud Mary: Bare feet or half soles, new purple costume (£29 child, £38 adult)  Hair in a HIGH pony tail with headdress from costume. 


Beth’s Top Junior Acro:

White school shirt (3/4 sleeve or sleeves rolled to elbows), black skirt, with black shorts underneath, pink and black or green and black tie – £5 buy from us. Hair in a bun with pink or green ribbon to match – 25p from us.
There are some students who have these ties who may be willing to let people borrow them (Lucy’s lower juniors from last year and musical theatre). You MUST sort this yourselves.





Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 17.45.05