Top Juniors Christmas Costumes

Top Junior Dance

Everybody’s Waiting For The Man: Black tap shoes, tan tights, black school leotard (buy here), Black & red pinstripe costume (£35 – child, £45 adult – purchased from us). The costume comes with a mini hat, don’t lose it as we’ll use it in the summer, but please can I have hair centre parting into a low bun with red tinsel.
Fraser: See Vicky.

Deadline for ordering through us is Monday 4th December, after this date you’ll have to order directly yourselves here

My Only Wish: Black jazz shoes, white ankle socks, black school leotard (buy here), gold sequin skirt (£4 – hired from us). Hair in a HIGH ponytail with gold tinsel.
Fraser: black trousers, black socks, black tap shoes, black long sleeved top/shirt and sequinned waistcoat.

Top Junior Acro: Black leotard, plain black shorts, hair in a low bun with red tinsel, bare feet.

Junior Advanced Acro: Any black leotard, black plain shorts, bare feet, hair in a bun with gold tinsel.
Fraser: Black t-shirt, black shorts.

Grade 3 Ballet: Pink ballet shoes WITH ELASTIC, ballet tights, Mazurka tutus, hair in a bun with headdress. Mazurka tutus are £41 child size and £49 adult (purchased from us)
Order deadline Monday 4th December, after this date you’ll have to order directly yourselves here
There may be second hand tutus older students are looking to sell, please see our Facebook group here
Fraser: See Vicky

Grade 4 Ballet: Pink ballet shoes WITH ELASTIC, new plum & white tutus – purchased from us £41 child size and £49 adult.

Mazurka Tutu
Mazurka Tutu – Grade 1-3

Plum & White Tutu – Grade 4

Please note, they don’t sell Extra Small Adult – I don’t know why it’s on the size chart