Help, Advice and Exam Info


We always recommend our students go to A&A Dancewear in Barry. We have a fabulous relationship with them and they are always so supportive of PAAW and our students. However, if you’d prefer to shop online, we recommend the links below.

School Black Lycra Leotard used for all shows and exams. Please click the links for Children and Adult sizes.

Black stirrup leggings can be found here in children and adult sizes.

Black lycra leotards and stirrup leggings must also be worn for Modern exams (see picture below). Hair must be extremely neat with no whispy bits. For Primary students can have their hair in a bun, for Grade 1 and above they must be able to lie with their head flat on the floor (see examples below). Students will do their exams with bare feet.
For Tap exams students again wear black lycra leotards and stirrup leggings, but with white socks and tap shoes. Tap shoes MUST have both a front and heel tap. Hair can be in a bun for tap exams.

IMG_6297 IMG_6298










For Ballet Exams hair must be in an immaculate bun. Pink ballet tights, satin ballet shoes with ribbon, ISTD blue leotard (not sky blue) and matching belt must be worn. Students taking grade 4 and above may wear black leotards (as below), again with matching belt.

IMG_6648 IMG_9402














How to sew elastic on ballet shoes.

Vicky’s Tips:

1. I find it easier to sew the top line of stitching underneath the cord, however you may need a thimble to help push the needle through here.

2. Tightening the cord is really important and helps to give a much nicer shape to the shoe. If the shoe gapes when the foot is pointed, the cord isn’t tight enough. Don’t forget to tuck the cord in!



Putting hair in a bun.

Vicky’s Tips:

1. Although wrapping hair bobbles around your hair to secure your bun (without using clips or a bun net) is the quickest method, it will not stay in place once we start allegro (jumping).

2. Hair donuts can be easier – especially if you’re not confident with doing buns, but they still need a bun net to hold the hair in place and need to be clipped. They are also not allowed for exams.