Top Juniors Costumes

Le Freak: Opening Number (Saturday classes only) – 

Full PAAW uniform, hair in a HIGH ponytail with PAAW ribbon (can be bought in class for 25p), black jazz shoes, no socks or black trainer socks. Boys: PAAW vest, black shorts.


Lucy’s Class:Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 17.40.11

Born to Handjive:  Black tap shoes, white ankle socks, black lycra school leotard (buy here or adult sizes here), Rock’n’Roll skirt and hair tie (to be hired from us) around a HIGH ponytail.

Natalie: Ombre sequinned unitard – to be bought from us £28 child, £32 adult. Hair in a HIGH ponytail with headdress (see Lucy). Black jazz shoes, no socks. Size chart at the bottom of the page.


Vicky’s Class:

Think: Black tap shoes, plain black shorts, lycra school black leotard (links to buy are above), white shirt tied at waist (3/4 length or rolled up sleeves), hair in a HIGH ponytail with PAAW ribbon -25p. 

Survivor: Bare feet or half soles, plain black shorts, plain black crop top or any plain black leotard (no sparkles), white accessories to look like a tribe – ribbon tied across forehead, around arm/leg, waist, choker etc.  


Beth’s Top Junior Acro:
Black lycra school leotard (links above), plain black shorts, red choker (buy here), bare feet, hair in a bun with red flower clip – from us £3.50





Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 17.45.05