Dots/Primary/Little Acro Costumes


Ballet: Lilac tutu or lilac ballet outfit, pink ballet shoes WITH ELASTIC. Hair in a bun with lilac ribbon or a matching bow, pink ballet socks or ballet tights.

Most wear this in class already, we just want them to look lovely and neat.

Ballet will be their first dance in the show, so they can come to the show ready in this outfit.

Tap & Song: Tap shoes, white ankle socks, red sequin dress (£32 – purchased from us) as they had for the Christmas show that comes with headdress, hair in a ponytail. Deadline for ordering through us is Friday 1st July


Ballet: As for Dots but blue ballet outfit

Tap: As for Dots

Little Acro

Black leotard, silver sequin skirts (hired from us – £4), bare feet, hair in a bun with silver sequin scrunchie. 
Black leotard can be ordered from here. Scunchie’s can be found on eBay. For example see here

*On The Day*

Dress Rehearsal: Call time for Dots & Primary will be 1pm, those just in Little Acro will be 2pm. Dots will be finished at 2.30pm, Primary and Little Acro at 3.45pm. Children will need to have an adult with them during the rehearsal.

Dots will just be in the first half of the show and can be signed out and collected at the interval and watch the rest of the show. They will need to be back at the Memo for 5.30pm for the show.
Little Acro can watch the first half of the show as they will be in the second half. Please bring them round and sign them in during the interval. We will not be able to come looking for you if you don’t come back stage during the interval.
Primary will be in both halves of the show as will any Dots who attend Little Acro. They will need to be back at the Memo for 5.30pm for the show.

Little Acro and Primary will also be in the Finalé.

If your child is due to be backstage for the whole show, please send them backstage at the beginning of the show (5.30pm) with something to help us entertain them e.g. colouring pencils and paper
Thank You!