Costume List – Spotlight 2020

Spotlight – 10th Anniversary Show
Sunday 29th March 1
pm & 6pm at the Memo Arts Centre, Barry 

There will be a dress run Wednesday 25th March at The Memo. 

All HIRED costumes MUST be returned on the day of the show or a fee will be incurred.


In order to preserve and replenish the school’s limited stock of costumes we will charge a small fee for any costumes hired from us. It will be £10 for a costume hired and £4 for an individual item (e.g. a skirt) and £2 for an accessory. 50% of the hiring fee will be refunded upon return of the costume in good order. If costumes are lost or damaged then the full fee will be required.



All ribbon can be bought from us for 25p a piece.


Dots/Primary/Little Acro

Lower Juniors

Top Juniors


Grade 1, 2 & 3 Ballet

Grade 4 + Ballet

Advanced Acro


**In some cases, it may be possible to borrow costumes from students within the school that already own them, or they may wish to sell them onto you. This MUST be sorted amongst yourselves. We are not able to organise this for you so please do not ask us to – thank you for your understanding**


10th Anniversary show t-shirt with black leggings, hair in a high ponytail with new PAAW bows (as for opening number), black jazz shoes if you have them.

10th Anniversary Show t-shirts order Deadline – Saturday 7th March.