*Show Information*

Spotlight – Saturday 13th July 7pm at the Memo Arts Centre, Barry

There will be a dress rehearsal in the afternoon 2-5pm (arrival from 1.30pm – please do not come any earlier as you won’t be able to get in). 

Dots and Primaries call time for dress rehearsal is 2pm, they do not need to be in costume for the rehearsal, parents must stay with them. They will be finished about 3.30pm. Dots and Primaries to be back at 6.30pm in ballet costume. Little Acro call time for the rehearsal is 3pm they will be finished about 4.30pm, parents must stay with them.

All students must leave the premises at 5pm (eat) and come back for the show at 6pm (again, please don’t arrive before this time)


*In The Night*

Dots/Primary will just be in the first half of the show and can be signed out and collected at the interval and watch the rest of the show.
Little Acro can watch the first half of the show as they will be in the second half. Please bring them round and sign them in during the interval. We will not be able to come looking for you if you don’t come back stage during the interval.

If your child is in Dot/Primary AND Little Acro, please send them backstage at the beginning of the show with something to help us entertain them e.g. colouring pencils and paper

ALL – the Memo do not permit any food backstage at the show, please do not bring it with you. Only water is allowed backstage incase of spillages with costumes etc.