Competition Teams

The teams will be re-auditioned every year. You must have been training with PAAW for a minimum of one year before being eligible to audition. Audition month may vary depending on competition schedules.

Our 2021/22 Competition Teams:

Mini Competition Team: Isabella, Ottie, Ruby, Tilda, Charlotte, Hannah and Nia

Junior Competition Team: Charlotte, Hannah, Nia, Seren, Florence, Sienna, Allannah, Aimee, Lilyana, Liv, Lucy Gand and Lucy Griff

Senior Competition Team: Belle, Jazz, Jake, Lola, Lucy, Bethan, Blythe, Sofia, Emily, Hope, Seren, Shyla, Lillyella, Izzy and Tom.

Comp Team Captain 2021/22: Jazz Cave



Team Wales 2022

We were planning to have a break from DWC this year, but after much persuasion from the Senior team, we decided to just enter a handful of dances into the older age groups. We are thrilled that nearly all of our entries qualified, so we will be representing Wales once again this Summer in Spain. 

Team Wales 2020/21

After taking a break from Dance World Cup in 2019, we were thrilled to be part of Team Wales again this year qualifying with over 50 routines!! The prestigious Dance World Cup took place in Telford in August combining the 2020 and 2021 competitions across two weeks. We were delighted to bring home more medals for Wales; Evie and Jake won bronze for their song and dance duet and our song and dance group won GOLD being crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS! A huge well done to Evie, Jake, Jazz, Belle, Lola, Lucy, Blythe, Shyla and Lucy Gand we are so incredibly proud of you! 

Former Competition Team Captains: 


Recent Competition Success:

Winter Stars, Magnetar Events – November 2021
17 – 1st Places
4 – 2nd Places
4 – 3rd Places
3 – Star Awards
Highest Scoring Duet/Trio – Lucy Griffiths & Lucy Ganderton – Tap duet – 99%
Highest Scoring Group – Seniors ‘The Show Must Go On’ – 99%
Magnetar Award & Cash Prize – Lucy Ganderton

Follow Your Dreams – October 2021
16 – 1st Places
3 – 2nd Places
11 & under highest scoring soloist – Lucy Ganderton with both her solos
15 & under highest scoring soloist – Tom Whittaker with both his solos
Tom Whittaker was the highest scoring solo of the entire day
All our soloists were in the top 5 highest scoring solos for their age groups.
Helium (Juniors) was in the top 5 highest scoring groups. 
Blythe Crosbie & Jazz Cave were both runner up Champion Dancers for their age groups. 

Southern Dance Class Awards – March 2020
Ballet – Nia – finalist
Tap – Shreya – 4th Place, Nia & Charlotte – finalists
Jazz – Nia – 5th Place, Charlotte & Shreya – finalists
Performance Award – Shreya
Ballet – Lucy Ganderton – 4th Place, Lucy Griffiths – finalist
Tap – Lucy Ganderton – 2nd Place, Lucy Griffiths – 3rd Place
Jazz – Lucy Ganderton – 4th Place, Lucy Griffiths – 5th Place
Ballet – Blythe -finalist
Jazz – Blythe – finalist
Tap – Evie – 2nd Place, Lola – 5th Place
Jazz – Evie – 5th Place

Dynamite Dance – January 2020
11 – 1st Places
8 – 2nd Places
8 – 3rd Places
Overall Highest Score (morning) – Earthquake (contemporary group) – 1st, Lucy Griffiths (contemporary solo) – 2nd
Overall Highest Score (afternoon) – Izzy Davies (tap solo) – 1st, Tom Whittaker (lyrical solo) – 2nd
Pre-Junior Miss Dynamite – Charlotte Ganderton
Junior Miss Dynamite – Lucy Ganderton
Mr Teen Dynamite – Tom Whittaker
Most Promising Dancer – Tom Whittaker
Face of Dynamite Dance – Nia West
Freestyle Competition Winner – Izzy Davies
Dynamite Dance Challenge Winners: 
Mini – Charlotte Ganderton
Junior – Lucy Griffiths
Senior – Tom Whittaker
Bird College Scholarship Winners – Jake Morrish, Evie James, Tom Whittaker and Izzy Davies. 

CYD? Super Convention October 2019
Class winners/scouted: 
Izzy Davies
Nia West
Tom Whittaker
Lucy Ganderton
Lily Richards