Beth AcroMondays at Albert Road Methodist Church

Little Acro (School yrs 1-2) 4.30-5.30pm 

Top Junior Acro (School yrs 6-8) 5.30-6.30pm

Conditioning 6.30-7.30pm

Advanced Acro (by invitation only) 7.30-8.30pm

Thursdays at Albert Road Methodist Church

Lower Junior Acro (School yrs 3-5) 4-5pm *Class Full, Waiting List Available*

Seniors (School yrs 9-13) 5-6pm 

Acro classes are all run by our ‘Acrobatic Arts’ qualified teacher Beth Richards.

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. Acro is not to be confused with gymnastics; both artistic and rhythmic which are sports that employ dance elements in a gymnastics context under the rules of a governing gymnastics organisation.